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🌸 Feel energetic, strong, and confident in all stages of motherhood.

🌸 Tone entire body while improving tummy, butt, pelvic floor.

🌸 Mamma Core Method: Cutting edge, new era approach...

  • Preserve your core in pregnancy. 
  • Restore your core properly post-birth.
Mamma Fit School
Pregnancy Fit School
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Doctor Recommended.

Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti Improving Digital Courses. 

Simple Nutrition.

Pregnancy Fit School
Mamma Fit School

TESTIMONIAL:  "Absolutely try her courses. Super fun. Safe. Well done and well thought out.

Doctor Jill Gamberg

Class Participant and MD


These Fitness and Education Courses are Empowering...

Whether you're pregnant, JUST had a baby, or you have older kids.

Meet Your EXPERT COACH, Anna Kooiman.


🏃‍♀️ MY STORY: I'm an American marathon runner who went TOO hard, TOO soon after baby number one.

🙈 I ended up with bladder leakage, diastasis recti bulging belly, and back pain.

📚 The fitness industry is broken. I was a fitness instructor and I was even confused at first! There is VERY little info in our manuals.

💪 I healed my core with SPECIFIC EXERCISES in a SPECIFIC ORDER. This is the foundation of this program. 

👯‍♀️ MISSION: To help moms like YOU feel like yourself again, despite being tired and busy.

🥇 CERTIFICATIONS: I'm not just an influencer. I'm an expert.

🏝 LOCATION: Our quick, beach classes are filmed where I now train, in Australia.


 TESTIMONIAL: "I am stronger than I was BEFORE getting pregnant. I love the core workouts. They helped me finish my Half Ironman race - 7 months after having twins. I recommend Anna's course. It's GREAT!" 

Sara, Twin Mom and Triathlete

Mamma Core Method.

🍑 This is the exact framework I used to heal my stretched tummy muscles, abdominal separation, and weak pelvic floor after babies.

🏃‍♀️ Want to return to running safely without peeing your pants or feeling like your lady bits are gonna fall out!?

🌸 1000's of Kegels is not the answer.

🛑 Sit-ups can cause more harm than good.

😱 Confused yet? Most people are.... Even fitness trainers are confused! That's why you need an expert like me.

🛑  STOP trying to string together random, free YouTube and Instagram workouts. It doesn't work.



⏰ These quick workouts are filmed during my actual pregnancy, postpartum and fierce journey.



Ashley: Member for 1.5 years. Joined after baby #1 and now pregnant with baby #2.

Pregnancy Fit School
Mamma Fit School


"I don't feel frumpy anymore."

REMINDER: Moms can still feel sexy and strong. 

No More! Back Pain, Belly, & Bladder Leakage.
Mamma Fit School
Pregnancy Fit School

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